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Turning Point

The TG Virus hit you much harder than typical expectations. Most men afflicted with the virus experience mild symptoms, becoming a feminized version of their normal selves. You, on the other hand, radically transformed in every conceivable girly way. A reduction of height and muscle mass, in addition to dramatic smoothing of angular features, even gave the illusion of age regression. To any stranger, you looked like a tiny teenage girl, perhaps in early high school, when in fact you graduated college with a degree several years ago. You tried to compensate for the complete loss of masculinity by acting and dressing tough. This worked to some degree although many saw through your tomboy attire and aggressive talk as the fake show it really was.

It took years but you slowly learned to embrace your smaller body and its feminine urges. When you were finally ready to take the sexual plunge for the first time you nervously asked a long-time friend to be your first. He was a kind person, someone you could trust. Of course, you also knew he had a nice dick after seeing it in the locker room a few times over the years. His compassionate lovemaking was so profoundly enjoyable that you now consider it the moment you fully became a woman, inside and out.

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