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Spin The Bottle

The invitation to a game of “spin the bottle” was too good for Larry to pass up. His college friends wanted to do something special for their 5-year reunion and a game of “spin the bottle” with special rules would do the trick. The room was filled with classmates when Larry arrived. The game of “spin the bottle” was limited so players would be chosen by lottery. As luck would have it Larry received a seat in the game. The special rule in this game of “spin the bottle” meant that the winners (or losers, depending on what you called a winner) would enter the swap chamber for a life-altering change.

Larry won the lottery and was seated across from Mindy. Larry took one look at Mindy and knew he would not mind swapping bodies with her. As the bottle spun Larry and Mindy lost more and more clothes until his wish came true. Larry jumped into his chamber with gusto. A few minutes later he stepped out in Mindy’s body. He enquired about how long he could keep the body. Forever was the answer. Larry was good with that.

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