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What do You Think

Malcolm couldn’t believe how good he looked when his sister, Chloe had finally finished her work. His school was doing a competition in partnership with local businesses where the boy with the best-feminized appearance at prom would win a cash prize amongst other things. He knew he would win based on how little effort the other boys were putting into it and the fact he had been taking estrogen pills the last few months to give himself a more feminine appearance as well as getting so much help from Chloe and his mother to dress, act and speak like a girl that he couldn’t remember how to do so as a guy and even if he did his breasts would require a bra anyway. Not that he minded, that was an issue to solve later, the only issue he was putting a lot of thought into was whether he’d wear a baby blue strapless maxi or a tight glittery pink Mini.

“So, what do you think?” Chloe asked as she looked at her little brother, looking more and more like a little sister every day. “l love it sis; I’m so going to win the competition, I mean you’d never know looking at me” he replied smiling and adjusting his bra strap “but that’s the point, I’ll do anything to win!”

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