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Model Employee

Timothy was just 20 but already life had written him off. He hadn’t graduated high school and his slim, almost girly frame meant he couldn’t get a manly job and the only job he could get was in the office at Franklin, Franklin, and Ross, a ladies’ fashion company owned by two brothers Carl (40) and Glen (45) Franklin and their partner Alvin Ross (50). Initially, he was picked on by the women in the office but he worked hard, and eventually, they all began to mother him. It wasn’t a great job but it was a job and he enjoyed it when beautiful young women came by to model underwear collections.

Then one day a model failed to show. The three bosses were frantic as a photographer had been hired to take pictures of the new spring collection and it was too late to cancel. In desperation, Carl remarked how feminine Timothy looked, and before he knew it the women in the office had primped him and he was standing in front of the photographer in a dirty blonde wig, makeup, and saucy dress. While initially awkward he grew more confident and the photographer got some decent pictures. The bosses were impressed. Timothy thought that would be the end of it, but the next week another model backed out and Timothy was back in front of the camera again. This time one of the women in the office started calling him Priscilla! Soon the bosses realized they could save money by using Priscilla instead of a regular model and started secretly feeding him hormones. Soon Timothy is spending more time at work as Priscilla than he is as himself and his breasts are growing almost by the day.

As the weeks pass the bosses increasingly start to compliment Priscilla and flirt with her. Timothy soon discovers that they have a bet going on who gets to bed Priscilla first! Timothy really doesn’t want to wind up some old guy’s mistress but he needs this job. Meanwhile, the women in the office are telling him he’d be mad to turn down their advances because they lavish luxuries on their mistresses. Can Timothy avoid their clutches, or is Priscila destined to spend even more time in sexy undies? This wasn’t in the job description!

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