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Unable to Help

Mike hated it to watch his team on the field unable to help them. He wanted to be out there with them. Like it was before the Great Shift. After the Great Shift, he was devastated to find himself in the body of a female classmate. But after he realized that his best friend got shifted into their 56-year-old teacher he counted his blessings. And he knew that he would not let a stupid thing like gender get in his way to do what he wanted to do. And he knew he still wanted to play football. When the school, as many others, opened up a female football team he tried out immediately. Unfortunately despite having his football knowledge his new body was not in good enough shape to make the team. Mike was heartbroken. He wanted nothing more than to be part of the team again.

When his ex-girlfriend told him to join the cheerleading squad with her he was skeptical. He didn’t want to be a cheerleader. But in the end, she managed to convince him. And now, half a year later, Mike was glad that she did. He was enjoying being a cheerleader. Being part of a team again. And supporting his football team in any way he could. After all this time he even found himself liking being a woman. While he was still nowhere near ready to start dating guys, he was a lot more comfortable with the thought than he was just a few weeks ago. But he still had a lot of conflicting feelings. Ever since he didn’t get into the football team he had been hitting the gym hard to get his body into shape for the tryouts next year. And he knew he was ready. He would get in this time. But if he did it would mean he would have to give up being a cheerleader. And despite only being able to watch the games from the sidelines. And him wanting to play again. There was a part of him that did not want to give up cheerleading.

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