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Keep It Up

“And you’re sure this is the safest place for me?” I asked, running my fingers through my silky hair, as the two witness protection officers sat taking notes in front of me, trying not to stare too hard. “Of course!” the first officer said, smiling, “The mafia is never going to look here! No one is going to suspect the Police Chief’s wife!” “I agree Mrs. Jones, you’re safe now,” continued the second. “How have you been settling in? We understand it must have been a big change.” Ever since I agreed to testify I’d been hurried from one safehouse to another, again and again. The Don’s goons always seemed to find me. That was until the police decided on this, more radical approach.

“Yeah, it was a bit of a shock waking up like this.” I replied, “I wish you could have given me some warning.” I thought back to how strange it was to wake up in the Chiefs bed with lingerie strapped around my new extremely feminine proportions. Not that I disliked it. “I think the biggest change is the size,” I continued. “Did you have to make me so small? I used to be 6’4 you know, but now I’m barely reaching 5 feet. You guys seem so tall now, and pretty muscular too.” “Err, yeah,” one officer replied, stumbling slightly. “Yeah the smaller you are the less of a threat you’ll seem to the mob. It was necessary.” “And what about clothes?” I said, rubbing the soft fabric of my bra provocatively “I don’t seem to own anything other than underwear!” One officer moved his notepad to hide his erection, “The Chief’s wife is a real slut I’m afraid. It’s… er… important that you keep up the act…” “Really… the act?” I continued, standing up and sauntering over to them, “Are you sure the Chief didn’t just fancy having a hot new piece of ass?” I smiled to show I didn’t care, “Look boys, how about we go upstairs and you can show me all about how to keep up this… act…”

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