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Slipped Out

“You told Dave that we are fucking?!” Andrew said to Jacob in fury. “I’m sorry. It slipped out during lunch.” Jacob tried to explain. “Oh please. I know you. You probably could not wait to gloat that you are fucking your hot new assistant. Did you tell him how horny I am? How I beg for cock? How I need it at least four times a day?” Andrew asked. “Of course not. It was an accident. Dave was talking about how sexy you were and that you were probably an animal in bed. And I blurted out that you were the best I ever had.” Jacob explained. “Great. By tomorrow everybody will know. As if work isn’t bad enough.” Andrew grumbled. “It won’t be that bad,” Jacob said. “For you. You’re the guy that’s banging the hot new chick! I’m the slut that is sleeping with her boss after just two weeks! It’s bad enough I am stuck like this and that I have to be your assistant. They were already treating me like a bimbo at work. This will not make anything better!” Andrew complained as he started to undress. “Now this fight is not over. We will continue it after this. And I am angry at you. But I really need your cock right now.” Andrew added with anger in his voice.

It had been two months since Andrew and Jacob had found a MAU. And after getting drunk and a few bets that Andrew lost he was not only stuck as a woman. Jacob had also changed Andrew’s body that it needed sex to survive. Most days Andrew could get by with only having sex four times. And if that was not bad enough the agents that came by after the MAU broke gave him a new ID that he was not happy with. He lost his college degree and a good job. For the last ten years, he had now been working as low-level positions and started a new job as Jacob’s assistant. A job he was barely qualified for on paper. He was already considered the office bimbo. And Andrew knew that things would not get any better now that they knew that he was fucking his boss.

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