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When the Great Shift hit it played no favorites, it struck rich and poor alike, the smart and the stupid, the honest and the criminal. Victor was a 53-year-old mob hitman, a cold-blooded killer, and then in the blink of an eye, he was now she, a 30-year-old waitress named Chelsea. Of course, Chelsea didn’t remain a waitress for long. There was only one thing Joe had ever been good at and that was killing people, and he saw no reason why that shouldn’t continue. It took time to convince the mob that, despite the big tits and long hair, Chelsea was still their number one enforcer, but Joe managed it. In fact, in many ways, Chelsea was a better hitman than Joe had ever been, after all, Joe looked like a dead-eyed killer while Chelsea looked like a hot dame. She got close to many of her targets simply by showing some cleavage or fluttering her eyelashes, and yes sometimes she’d even screw a guy to lull him into a false sense of security before slitting his throat. Things changed though, much as Joe still liked the killing, he realized he liked the sex too, enjoying fucking more as a woman than he ever had as a man, a biological urge he couldn’t ignore, and it was starting to affect his work.

Take now, he should be putting a bullet in the skull of District Attorney Troy Winters, but all she can think about is Troy’s hot hard cock and how good it feels inside her pussy. She’s been screwing Troy for a month and her bosses are getting restless. So is Chelsea, because it isn’t just about the sex anymore, she feels safe in Troy’s arms, and she keeps having dreams about becoming his wife, of having his kids. Maybe it was time to quit the killing business for the business of having babies? Of course, she’d have to kill a few people first, the half a dozen or so mob bosses who knew who Chelsea used to be for example, but then she could settle down to a new life as a submissive housewife.

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