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Can’t Decide

I can’t decide what’s funnier. Sucking Gustav’s cock with my ex-boyfriend or watching his white ass slide up and down on the black dick. Alex was everything I wanted in a man, which is another way of saying that he was too good to be true. Kind, generous, unpretentious… Oh yeah, and a thieving prick who was stealing from my mansion the entire time we were together… Gustav, my head of security, caught Alex red-handed. He dragged him before me and explained how Alex planned to break into my safe. Alex insisted that the evidence was faked, that Gustav had framed him, but I’ve trusted Gustav with my life for 20 years and I’m not about to stop now.

Gustav proposed punishment and I eagerly authorized it. Alex was gone for a little over a month, and when he was brought back it was in mini skirt and high heels. Alice stood there shaking and tittering as I examined his surgically altered body. He was cartoonishly hypersexualized and I couldn’t help but giggle at his shame. Alice became part of the furniture at my estate. The brainwashing prevents him from leaving or disobeying, and he only exists as playthings for Gustav or any visitor who wants to use him like the worthless wet hole he is. Sometimes I wonder if Alex was telling the truth, and Gustav really did frame him. Would it matter? If Gustav felt my boyfriend was better off as a slutty little cocksucker, I trust his judgment.

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