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Apart From The Obvious

“Everybody warned me about betraying Stacey. Guess this serves me right for not listening…” John thought as he tried to get used to his new reflection after his ex-girlfriend turned him into a woman after she found out that he was sleeping around. “l guess I should count myself lucky she turned me into an attractive woman. This would be so much worse if she turned me into an ugly one. But this butt alone… it’s perfect! I would love my girlfriend to have such butt if I was a man and… if I wasn’t into guys now. This will take some getting used to. Still… I could have had it a lot worse.”

John tried to convince himself as he admired his reflection. John was not aware of the full extent of the curse Stacey had laid upon him. Apart from the obvious physical changes and his new heterosexual orientation to men that John already found out there were some other changes as well. The biggest change was that John would only be attracted to men who cheated on women very often. At the same time, he would long for a faithful relationship and could not stand being in one that was not. Within a year, and four cheating boyfriends later, John was at Stacey’s door asking her how she cursed him. So he could do the same to a few of his ex’s. Stacey gladly passed on the secret.

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