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The Day That Changed The World

“New Years Day 2023 the day that changed the world.” Cathy read the article’s headline on her phone. Looking back on it now Cathy sees it as the day her life changed for the better. She was happy with how she looked, the major that she was taking at University, and the friends that she had made since the change six months prior. There had been posts on different websites around Christmas that a major event would take place on New Year’s Day. With all of the other bad events of that year everyone seemed to put it at the back of their minds and looked out for any strange signs. New Year’s Eve came and went, but luckily nothing major happened around the world. It was only in the last few minutes of New Years Day in each part of the world that “The Change” occured. No one can explain it to this day, but every man in the world at 11:58 PM local time, changed gender. The news spread like wildfire across the net. Men’s bodies didn’t change completely at that time, it was just the item that made them male that changed.


Cathy, once Matthew, waited with anticipation as the clock inched forward slowly. Men all around him were panicking but not Matthew, he wanted this and couldn’t wait until 11:58. As the clock moved from 11:57 to 11:58 he felt a strange wave of euphoria wash over him and knew at that instant that he was now a she. Over the next few weeks the world seemed to settle down, the new women watched as their bodies softened, taking on more and more feminine traits until, by the end of Feburary, there was a world populated by nothing but women. The violence that seemed to plague 2022 faded as men and women were too focused on the changes, and wondering how the human race would go on. Luckily whatever force had changed the men also made changes to allow children to be conceived through sex between two women. Aimi smiled realizing that she could, if she wanted to, have children of her own. That could come later though. Now she was focused on getting her degree and… that cute girl doing her yoga stretches on a purple mat…

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