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The Teacher

“I know it’s probably tempting for you guys to treat me different, make fun of me, or even flirt with me. I know what I look like. I know how I am dressed. And it is not my choice to be here. I was a few months away from retirement. Unfortunately, I am one of the few teachers left at this school that actually remembers how to be one. And I have agreed to continue my position until the school has found a replacement and I can get away from this damn job. Until then you will treat me with the respect I have always gotten. You will call me Mr. Federer. You will not comment on my looks. My gender. Or my outfit. You will certainly not flirt with me. And if I catch any of you trying to peek down my skirt or my top it will be an immediate F and a month’s worth of detention.” Mr. Federer told the class on their first day back to school after the Role Exchanger wreaked havoc there just a week before.

Before he got hit by the Role Exchanger Mr. Federer was a 65-year-old man looking forward to retirement after the school year was over. He got hit at one of the most unfortunate moments. He was passing by the cheerleading squad when he saw the blue light. He exchanged ages with one of them and genders with another. And while Federer was glad that he still had his memories, intelligence, knowledge, and skills he knew that his mind was not left untouched. He had the dress style of the sluttiest girl in the group. And he swapped his ambitions and life goal with Cindy. Her ambitions were mostly made up of finding the coolest parties, looking sexy, and finding a rich guy to marry.

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The only other thing she was really passionate about was cheerleading. And now Federer was all that. He shuddered at the thought of being a teacher. He still knew how to do it. But he had no ambition to do it. All he wanted to do was have some fun. As he stood in front of the class he tried his best to retain a cold and hard personality. He was still enough of his old self to know that he had to be authoritarian in the classroom. And he knew that he could not let any of the students know how turned on he was for most of the guys at school. He had to keep a distance from the students. And he reminded himself that he must never be alone in a room with one of his male students. He had no idea what he would do then.

Federer hoped that the school would find a replacement for him soon. He wanted this chapter of his life to be over. He didn’t want to be a teacher. He just wanted to have some fun. Maybe go to college. Join the cheerleading squad. And maybe find a hot and rich guy. Cindy meanwhile was sitting in the class and was paying attention to the first time in years. She knew that she had a lot of work catching up on if she really wanted to be a teacher.

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