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Keith Really Doesn’t Mind Lusin

As much as Keith didn’t want to admit it there was no denying that Sandra had won the bet. He wobbled over to the stool he half sat on to give her a look after spending an eternity in front of the full-length mirror. He had started out searching for himself in the image but after a while became lost in just how good the girl looking back at him looked. When he realized what he was doing he blushed with embarrassment. He wasn’t supposed to like looking like this but he did and there was no amount of denial that was going to work. How could he think looking like a pretty girl was 0k? As he sat watching his sister, Sandra said to him, since you thought it couldn’t be done I think I’ll take my forfeit in Kathy’s time. He screwed up his face in confusion and Sandra said, Kathy, meaning you will have to spend some time with me doing girl things. I’d suggest that you start walking around in those heels so you can get used to them, you’ll be spending some time in heels for a while. With legs as good as your’s the heels are a must to help show them to your best advantage. I’m going to enjoy having my sister here to hang out with. Before you say anything I’ll let you out of the full payoff if any of those places you applied to call you in for another interview. Otherwise, Kathy will be my housemate for a while. I didn’t do all that work on you to only have my sister here for a few minutes. Keith wanted to argue but only mouthed a few words of resistance before agreeing to her terms. He secretly was feeling pretty good about all of this and he didn’t have to defend himself It was all out of his control and he had no choice, right? Sandra was sure that she’d get a sister out of this eventually.

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