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Never The Same

“No, please!” I tried to scream but the tape over my mouth reduced my desperation to an unintelligible murmur, as his magic spread over me. It corrupted my every cell, reshaped my entire being. I would never be the same… The bindings were tight, and I could barely move to see what was happening to me. But I knew. I knew what he desired. I knew what I’d taken from him when his wife divorced him for me. And now I knew what the future held for me.

I could feel myself shrinking, my body taking up less and less of the bed I was held captive on. I struggled against the bindings but with each effort, I felt myself getting weaker, my strength was taken from me and replaced by the soft feminine curves. I screamed as I felt my pelvis widen, my manhood disappearing into an abyss between my thighs. My face changed too, I could feel my lips plump up under the tape, and quickly blonde hair was brushing my shoulders were before it was short and dark.

He stood over me. He was so much taller than me now as if he’d taken my masculinity and added it to his own. He smiled an evil smile and raised his hands one more, “Just one more change, my princess, then we can start work on your mind…” I knew what was waiting for me. I knew what would be last. They were her best feature, and he’d want to savor them as he molded them onto my chest. I braced myself, arching my back as they pushed outward. My sensitive new assets welcoming me into my new life in a wave of feminine euphoria…

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