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A Change in Mindset

When Jacob found out that he was swapped at birth he had no intention of swapping back to his original body. When he found out he was actually born as a woman he really had no intention. Unfortunately for Jacob, Michelle had different intentions. She wanted her body back. So now Jacob was stuck in his original body. He didn’t want to be in that body. He did not want to be a woman. But he knew he was stuck. And so Jacob tried his best to adapt. He was also very proud and stubborn. He never wanted any help and always wanted to solve things on his own. It was no different with him trying to adapt to his new body. It was not easy. But after a few months he was doing 0k. Although there were still some things Jacob had trouble with. He very rarely dressed feminine. And he never wore make up. Jacob was getting tired of hearing comments about how he looked sick. Getting looks from other women that talked behind his back. Or meeting people that immediately guessed that he was recently swapped due to how he was dressed. He did not want people to know that. He wanted to blend in. He might not want to be a woman. But he wanted nobody to know that. So he decided to do something about it.

The next weekend he got the small bag full of make up Michelle had left him and practiced in front of the mirror. But it was not as easy as he thought it would be. He either looked like a clown. Or a cheap prostitute. He feared it would be months until he could actually do this right. He knew he needed help. The next day he begrudgingly called his sister and asked if she could help him. He was not looking forward to it. Not only was he asking for help. But he was also not very close to his sister. They didn’t hate each other. But they also never liked each other and never had any real common interests. After the day was over Jacob was surprised. It was fun. He had fun when his sister taught him the basics of make up. He had fun talking to her. He even had fun when they went through his closet together and she put together a few outfits for him. He was enjoying it so much that he even accepted her offer to go shopping with her. And he was actually looking forward to it. Jacob could not believe it. After only one day with his sister he felt closer to her than ever before. And she had even managed to make him feel a lot more comfortable as a woman. He was even looking forward to going to work tomorrow with one of his new outfits and make up on. Although he quickly realized that his new found femininity had it’s downside. Guys. They were now a lot more interested in him. And that still freaked Jacob out. But it would not be long until Jacob liked and wanted that attention. Especially when he was out clubbing with his sister.

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