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Do You Want to Become Jenny?

“Jesus Tyler what the fuck is going on with you? How is your hair so long now, and do you have boobs? You’re becoming a full-on sissy.”

“Seriously Josh let’s face it. We’ve both been getting teased and made fun of since what, 1st grade. I’ve just accepted that yeah I am a sissy. Look we’ve never fit in with the other boys. I guess I’ve just always felt more comfortable around the girls. So my parents let me start exploring my feelings and now I’m Tiffany. I’ve started taking hormones, which is why I’m growing boobs and my mom and some of my new girlfriends took me to the salon to get hair extensions, look how cute I am now.”

“That’s why you dress like you do?”

“It’s so much being a girl, I get to make myself pretty and wear cute outfits. The girls have even talked me into trying out for cheerleading and Matt Richards even asked me out to the movies this weekend.”

“Matt Richards? The guy that’s teased and made fun of us all these years asked you out? Does he know who you are?”

“Of course silly, he told me I should have been a girl all along and I have to agree. You know I think you’d make a cute girl too. You should try it, I have way more friends now and it’s so much fun. What do you think Josh, do you want to become Jenny?”

“Jenny huh?”

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