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Someone Else’s Dream

20-year-old Tristan Clyne knew that he owned his mamma Margot a lot. After his dad left home when he was just six, it was Margot who ensured he never went hungry and always had a roof over his head, even if it meant her holding down three jobs. It was down to Margot that her son was now at college studying biology with the intention of going on to become a Doctor. She was incredibly proud of him, but a deep sadness ate away at her. She knew it was trivial, but back before Tristan had been born she’d been a beautiful young woman whose only dream had been to win the local beauty pageant where she grew up in Cloud Valley. Unfortunately, she had been runner up, and the disappointment still rankled. She’d hoped she’d have a daughter who could finally claim the crown, but then Tristan come along.


Now she said she’d found a way that Tristan could fulfill her fantasy, a magical potion that would transform him into a young woman, and of course another potion to turn him back. Tristan didn’t believe a word of it of course, but he owed his mother so much that he had to at least play along, and so he suspended his studies for a year and agreed to move back with her to Cloud Valley. Still, he didn’t expect the potion to work. But It did. And so Margot and Tristan, who was now named Grace, moved to Cloud Valley. Margot had left town before Tristan was born so everyone took it as read that Grace had always been Margot’s daughter.


Tristan took some time to adjust to being Grace, but as he was now a very beautiful woman he quickly drew attention from the local menfolk. Because Grace had no qualification Tristan had to take a job working as a waitress. It was here that a young man named Caleb began to try and woo Grace, constantly asking her out on dates. Tristan politely refused but Margot pointed out that going steady with a boy always enhanced a girl’s chances in the beauty pageant, because it proved “she wasn’t no slut and so, reluctantly, Tristan agreed to a date.

Caleb was 25 and had been the high school quarterback, now he worked at his daddy: used car dealership. He wasn’t very clever and wasn’t very talkative either, but that first date at the drive-in went well enough. Caleb was courteous and gentlemanly, and he didn’t try anything on with Grace, and in spite of himself, Tristan enjoyed the evening, and at the end of the night when Caleb kissed him he didn’t resist. Soon they were going steady, and slowly things become more intimate between them until eventually Tristan relented and lost his girlish virginity on the back seat of Caleb’s Chrysler. Tristan couldn’t deny that he enjoyed being Caleb’s girl, sex as a woman was very enjoyable and he liked how strong and decisive Caleb was. Still, he knew this was just a bit of fun, once the pageant was over then, win or lose, he and momma would go back to the city and he’d go back to being a man. Tristan surprised himself by sobbing uncontrollably when Grace won and become Miss Cloud Valley 2021, he hadn’t realized how much winning meant to him until that point. He was thrilled not only for himself, but also for his mom who he’d never seen happier, and that night after he and Caleb made love Caleb went down on one knee and produced a ring.


Tristan gleefully accepted Caleb’s proposal but then felt bad because he’d soon be leaving. That was when his mom revealed the truth. There had been a reversal potion but she’d poured it away because she loved Grace more than she’d loved Tristan, and she wanted them both to stay in Cloud County. Tristan was shocked, but he couldn’t deny that he felt comfortable as Grace, and as he had already accepted Caleb’s proposal he had to admit that the idea of becoming Mrs. Vandecamp excited him more than he could have imagined, even though Caleb was all for traditional gender roles, and so he expected Grace to quit work to become a full-time wife and mother.

“I’m happy momma,” said Grace on the eve of her wedding. “But I really did want to be a doctor.” Margot smiled at her beautiful daughter. “Don’t worry, darling, maybe one of your children can live your dream, just like you’ve lived mine.

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