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My Style of Footwear

Thank God for the great shift is all I have to say. Most people after the change were freaking out they just couldn’t handle being someone different but not me.

See I wasn’t always the leggy brunette you see here. Up until the shift I was an average male with average looks living an average life. I’d always fantasized about being a woman even going so far as to crossdress and attempt to look remotely passable which never worked because of my overtly male features. It was always a struggle as I loved high heels but having size 12 men’s feet meant I would trawl through online shopping sites drooling over the shoes I so desperately wanted to slip onto my nylon-clad feet.

I still remember the feeling of being a woman for the very first time slipping sheer stockings on my femininely smooth legs and hearing my size 7 feet cup the leather of the stiletto. Every now like you see here I stop to reflect on how lucky I am the shift happened and how incredible it is to wear the footwear I was born to wear.

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