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Visiting Home

Harold did not sleep well last night. His son and his girlfriend, Shannon, were visiting from out of town. Harold and his wife could not stand the woman their son was dating and were hoping he would come to his senses soon. Unfortunately, the reason for their trip back home was to inform them they were getting married. “Great, now he’s going to bring that evil bitch into our family…” Harold grumbled as he exited his room and into the hallway. As he rounded the corner he bumped straight into a half-awake Shannon, who then stumbled into a small table, knocking over a family heirloom. The small sculpture shattered and Shannon jumped back to not step on the pieces, “Jesus Old man! Watch where you’re going why do…” but as the last word left her lips, so did a mist-like aura. It escaped her mouth as her head fell back. Harold was about to help her when his vision went white. A similar mist aura left his mouth as well and each got sucked into the body of the other. Harold blinked, feeling a very noticeable draft on his chest.

Opening his eyes he was treated to the sight of his own aging body staring at him in horror. “Me?” Harold’s body said. The man looked down and saw the long, brown hair that belonged to Shannon flowing down his chest where his eyes were greeted by the sight of her half-exposed breasts. “Oh my… God,” he gasped, Shannon’s voice never sounding so sweet before. “What did you do to us you fucking freak?!” Shannon cried. Harold grabbed his chest, feeling the flesh of Shannon’s breasts between her soft fingertips. “Get your hands off my tits!” Shannon cried. She grabbed her former body and started shaking it violently. Harold felt his breasts bounce back and forth wildly with each shake, a sensation that was both strange and somewhat enjoyable. “l didn’t do this to us, you silly girl! Like I want to be stuck as my son’s bitchy girlfriend!” he retorted. “l want out of this ridiculous body as much as you do” He bent over to examine the broken statue, the weight of his chest helping hirn to the floor faster, “Shit, it must have been this! When it fell and broke I saw…your soul leave your mouth. It… Oh my God, we have to find another one!” But there was no other one. Poor Harold and his soon-to-be daughter-in-law were going to be stuck as each other.

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