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19-year-old Dillon and his 18-year-old sister, Erica, were constantly fighting. So it came as a shock to both of them when their parents decided to swap their bodies to teach them a lesson. Dillon felt awkward in his little sister’s skin. The fact that she insisted he wears a skirt to school did not help that discomfort and walking the halls of the school and having almost every guy stare at him made his skin crawl. “Hey, Erica! Looking good girl!” a passing boy said. He even passed his best friend, Jake, who nodded politely but Dillon caught him staring at his ass as he passed. “Jeez, even Jake is checking me out! This is a fucking gross!!”


But it was in his next class where Dillon really started to get nervous. Mr. Adams, the new teacher of anatomy, was a very handsome man and Dillon couldn’t take his eyes off him. Oh my God…,” he thought. “What is wrong with me? It’s gotta be Erica’s hormones. I just… wow he’s fucking hot as shit.” Dillon shook his head, “No, I’m not gay! But l… ow, he’s pretty ripped. I’d like him to grab me in those big strong arms of his and… NO! Holy shit, this body is fucking with me.” He pressed his legs together, trying to fight back against his moist pussy. “Fuck, is my sister this horny all the time?” He wondered, feeling Erica’s vagina getting warmer. Dillon always gave her a hard time, even calling her a slut. But now, inside her body, he felt like a slave to her body’s emotions. “l can’t take this…” he said when the bell rang. Dillon smiled at Mr. Adams as he pulled up the hem of his skirt and got on the desk. “Do you have a minute, Mr. Adams?” He ran his slim fingers across his baby’s smooth thigh, “I have a question, regarding female hormones…”

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