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One should always take care when dealing with Genies because they’re notorious pranksters who delight in not quite giving you what you want. Todd here knows that all too well. When he found a magic lamp and released a genie he knew exactly what he wanted. “l want to be a beautiful submissive woman who makes her living on her knees!” he cried. He expected to be a high-priced hooker, sucking a succession of cocks at a thousand bucks a pop. Instead, he ended up as Paula, a low paid chambermaid in a dingy hotel in the middle of nowhere, working for a slave-driving boss, and while Paula does spend most of her day on her knees, it’s because she’s scrubbing floors and bathrooms, not because she’s sucking cocks. Paula is beautiful, but sadly the only action she gets is courtesy of the odd seedy businessman who fancies a quick fuck, and half of them struggle to get it up. She can’t even worship her boss’s cock because he’s gay. Curse you, genie!

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