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Just a Mistake

Adrian was starting to have doubts about the drug regimen he was on. He’d been told to expect some unusual side effects because it was such a new treatment, but surely it shouldn’t be having this much of an effect on his body. His hair has grown, he has breasts now and his penis and balls seem to shrink a little bit more every day.

Then again, the terminal disease he contracted is incredibly rare so maybe he should stop worrying and just be glad he seems to be going into remission. He’s so lucky his wife found out about this experimental new treatment, given how badly he’s treated her over the years, how many times he’s cheated, many other women might have just let him die.

And it isn’t like his new look doesn’t suit him. He’s so pretty now and he has to admit he likes gazing at himself in the mirror. He doesn’t even really mind that the orderlies have started calling him Lisa because he does look more like a Lisa than an Adrian these days. Plus they’re so handsome, and he is surprised he never noticed how attractive guys could be before now. Oh well, another week on the drug and the doctors have promised that’ll be it, the cure will be complete and he can resume his old life, I mean the doctors keep saying ‘start his new life’ but English isn’t their first language so he’s sure that’s just a mistake on their part.

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