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You have to switch us back!

“No, I can’t stall! He just left the room for a minute, I am already in my… your underwear! You have to switch us back now. Or I’ll have to tell him about this! I can’t sleep with him! I can’t sleep with my sister’s boyfriend as my sister!” Peter said to his sister Annie over the phone. “You’re already in my underwear?! How did you let it get so far?” Annie asked. “Hey, it wasn’t my idea! Your boyfriend picked me up after the exam. And after I told him that I probably aced it he was so happy… and started kissing me. And… well, your hormones are a lot stronger than I thought it would be. And before I got a hang of myself I was already half-naked. Now come on, I did the test for you. Now switch us back. Now! Before he comes back.” Peter insisted. “l can’t do it at will. The spell needs some time to prepare. I’ll need at least an hour.” Annie explained.


“An hour? I can’t stall for that long! What should I do?!” Peter panicked. “Just go with your body’s feelings. You want to tell me you haven’t even played a bit with my bits yet?” Annie asked. “No! What have you been doing to my bits? Peter asked. “Nothing much! It was just hard… and I figured I might as well take care of it. See what it is like on the other side. You might want to do the same. Trust me, my boyfriend is really good in bed.” Annie explained. “I don’t want to know that! Just prepare this stupid spell! I never should have gone through with it! Swap us back the second you can do it. I’ll have to try and find a way to stall him somehow…” Peter said as he hung up the phone.


Unfortunately, he wasn’t very successful in stalling his sister’s boyfriend. His sister’s hormones quickly took over and before he knew it he was in bed with him. And as Annie and Peter found out on the next day, the spell became irreversible once Peter had sex with a guy.

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