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Three Years Later

Barbara looked out into the outer office to see Julie standing on her knees as if searching something in the drawer, her skirt pulled up exposing her perfect butt in sheer tights. She looked to her left out the front window of her small real estate office to see the guy who delivered their bottled water walking toward the front door. She just shook her head as she thought to herself I’ve created a bigger problem than I solved.


Three years ago her nearly 17-year-old son John was getting into trouble that seemed to be escalating toward more and more serious types. The final straw was when he was arrested by the police for assault. Through hypnosis, hormones, and suggestion she slowly turned him into her daughter Julie. She had him finish his schooling through a home school program and put Julie to work in her office. Julie took the whole thing very well.


She’d recently given in to letting her get breast augmentation since her breast had only reached less than B cups. The C plus size she now has seemed to trigger something else along with her ample bust size. She slowly became very flirtatious and gravitated toward sexier and more revealing clothing.


It seems that despite her conversations with her about how young women should behave Julie had her own ideas about how to go about getting male attention.

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