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The First Day Of The Rest of Your Life

Hi, Jessica. Sorry, I had to drug you, but I didn’t think you’d come willingly. I hope it’s ok to call you Jessica, we should be on first-name terms. Don’t worry, I know you used to be Doug, but that part of your life is over now, you get to be Jessica full time.

Don’t struggle, I tie really good knots. You’ll just hurt yourself. I guess you thought your secret was safe, thought no one was watching, but I was. Watching you dress up as Jessica. At first, it was just a turn-on, but then I realized it was much more. I fell in love with you, Jessica, and knew I had to make you mine.

Sorry about the gag, but I think for the moment it’s best if I do the talking in this relationship. I’ll wear trousers, and you can wear skirts and high heels. I’m going to buy you anything you want, darling. Hopefully, I can get some female hormones too, to make you even prettier than you already are.

Don’t cry, Jessica. I’ll take good care of you, I promise. And I will take the gag off eventually. You have to eat, right? Plus, you’ll need to show me how much you love me. And you will love me, Jessica. Sooner or later you’ll love me too and we’ll grow old together as man and wife.

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