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Side Effect

When Daniel heard about the Xtreme compound he quickly acquired a dose. The blurb was compelling, it advised that a single dose would force every trace of masculinity into a single part of the body, leaving a body that was practically female in every conceivable way aside from, perhaps, a slightly manly index finger, or an overly masculine big toe. Daniel had always wanted to be a woman so he took the dose without really doing any online research.


And it worked. Sort of. Every trace of masculinity was squeezed into one part of his body, and Daniel became Lisa, a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, every scrap of masculinity couldn’t be squeezed into something as small as a finger or a toe, and in Lisa’s case, every masculine bit of Daniel was relocated to his penis.


Lisa is a beautiful woman. She’s just a beautiful woman with a huge, permanently erect penis!

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