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Sister’s advice

Arthur looked back at his sister with a big smile as Gloria poured on the compliments. She had come by to see the results of his salon appointment earlier this morning to have his hair done with the extensions as well as a mani/pedi and facial. She’s never seen him looking so happy, not since back when they were kids.

“So I guess Audrey will be around to stay?”

“I wanted to wait until I could tell you about it in person but yes, this is me from now on. When I went to see Mrs. Johnson Thursday afternoon at work and she told me about my promotion and transfer I asked her if I could start a week from Monday as Audrey? She spun my file around on her desk to show me she’d already done the paperwork in my new name. After she bumped into us at that art gallery opening with me in Audrey mode I thought I might be getting let go. Your advice to just be honest with her was the right thing to do. She’s been like an aunt to me ever since.”

“So can you take a day or two off this coming week and help me to do some shopping? I need to put together a basic new work wardrobe. One that’s appropriate for a female executive.”

“I wouldn’t miss an excuse to go shopping with my sister for anything. You’ll need some skirt suits and some really nice dresses, shoes and a couple of really nice handbags for a start.”

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