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The Club

John was suspicious when Ben and Charley suddenly seemed to have more money, and never seemed to be around on Friday nights anymore. He quizzed them, but they just came up with lame excuses that held little water. Undeterred John hung around outside of their dorm one Friday night and when they left together in Ben’s car, he followed.

They stopped at a nightclub that was called simply the Club and went in through the back door. John guessed maybe they had secret jobs as busboys or something and was disappointed it wasn’t something more elicit. He nearly went home but instead snuck in after them. He quickly discovered that the Club wasn’t your ordinary night club, and Ben and Charley weren’t busboys. It turned out the Club was a specialist establishment where young men dressed as women and entertained rich older men who loved guys in drag, and Ben and Charley were two of the girls! Only Ben was now Bev, and Charley was Charlotte! Shocked, but also intrigued he confronted them but rather than threaten to expose them, he asked if he could get a job, and the next Friday John became Jane. It’s a fun life, the ‘girls’ only have to flirt with the clients, laugh at their jokes, accept a bit of bottom pinching and the occasional kiss. The real money is earned by those young men willing to be complete women for older men in upstairs rooms. As time passes, and curious relationships form with their regular clients, will Jane, Bev and Charlotte be tempted to earn big bucks by going all the way? And if they do will any of them be the same again!

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