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She Can’t Resist This One

Roslyn looked to see Derick approaching thinking he has finally gotten his nerve up. She’s sure he’s heard the rumors around work that she’s unapproachable and it’s taken him over a month since he started here to make a move. She’s trying to decide if she’ll talk to him or not. She knew when she first saw him he’d be a problem for her. He’s far to handsome and close as they come to her ideal guy looks wise. The fact that she’s entertaining getting to know him is trouble. She made a vow that she wasn’t going to start any relationship until after she’s had her surgery. She has stuck to her guns for over four years since she began living as a woman full time. This however will be hard since she’s six months from having the funds she needs. She’s just not sure she wants to rebuff his attempt since he may just give up.

As he draws closer she decides to just be polite and see where things go. She can tell from the way her tiny 3-inch dick sprung up to life she was right. She’s very attracted to him, that’s not an everyday occurrence for her. He introduces himself and complements her on the dress she’s wearing. They make small talk for a while before he tells her, you’re nothing like everyone told me you were. I’m not incased in ice. Roslyn laughed as she said, I’m just picky about who I talk to is all. Derick said, that’s a good thing, I’m that way myself. I have to confess I’ve never seen a woman like you so I had to make an exception in your case. I hope you don’t mind if I plan on getting to know you better? Roslyn blushed as she said I’d like that. I’m curious to find out more about you as well. After a few weeks of talking during breaks and sharing lunches together, she knew she’d say yes when he’d ask her out.

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