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The Puzzle

Kyle and Megan stood outside ready for the charity ball – the question was: which one was Megan? As a stylist, Megan was eager to do something that would show off her talents. She set herself the challenge of creating an identical twin to turn up to the ball with, but she’d set nothing but problems when her friends had been of the wrong stature or too uncooperative for her to do her work. Desperate, she had turned to Kyle – and it turned out the perfect model had been under her nose all along!

It had all started as a joke when she started to “inspect” Kyle in the way she had inspected the girls. Unluckily for him, she noticed a distinct similarity in their eyes, and on further inspection realized that they were almost identical in height and build. In fact, Kyle seemed to pass every test where all the girls had failed before him. As soon as she realized his potential there was no stopping her, and before Kyle knew it he was pushed into a chair while she got to work on his face. After a few hours, he started to look feminine, and she had him stay over with her for the next week whilst she got everything just right down to his skin tone and breast size. He knew so little about make-up and hair extensions that he couldn’t reverse the changes even if he wanted to. Megan finished with a few days to spare and dragged Kyle out around town, buying him the clothes that she wore and getting him used to live as a girl. Kyle now shifted uncomfortably in the dress but forced a smile as the photo was taken. Megan couldn’t wait to show off her doppelganger to everyone they knew, but Kyle was just eager to get the day over with so Megan could return him to normal. Little did he know that Megan had all sorts of “uses” lined up for her new twin – it seemed Kyle would be standing in as her double a lot from now on.

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