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Lightning Would Strike Again

“These seemed much smaller in the pictures…” Joe grumbled to himself as he cupped his new assets. He was not very pleased with them. On another woman, he would very much enjoy them. But now that they were on his own chest he found them to be very heavy and large. Joe could not believe the odds for this to happen. When Joe’s friend Tom asked him to buy a lottery ticket for him he made fun of him. He laughed at how the odds of him winning the jackpot were astronomically small. But Tom insisted that he should buy him a ticket. And he bet that if he lost he’d buy him a year’s supply of beer. But if he won the 20 million dollar jackpot he would buy him a body he would have to stay in for a year.


Joe quickly agreed. There was no way Tom would win. And he was not going to say no to free beer! But Tom did win. And Joe was devastated when Tom came by a few weeks after he had won with a list of handpicked bodies for Joe to choose from. Joe had thought about backing out of the bet. But he knew he would never hear the end of it from all of his friends. After much deliberation, he chose a body. And he picked it for two main reasons. From all the bodies it was the one that looked the least like a blonde bimbo. And she had the smallest breasts. If he had to be a woman for a year he did not want to be in the body of a former stripper with giant implants. After the swap Joe found his new breasts to be much larger than expected. They looked and felt huge. And it did not help that he was now also a lot smaller otherwise. Everything seemed much bigger. And all of his friends now towered over him.


He couldn’t wait for the year to be over so he could get himself a new male body again. But a year later Joe was quite devastated to find out that Tom had no intention of paying for a second bodyswap. Even if he could pay for it. Tom had managed to burn through most of the winnings in only a year. Joe cursed himself. He would never be able to afford a bodyswap on his income. He would need a miracle. And so he started to play the lottery. Hoping that lightning would strike again.

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