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“Enjoying your bath… Mike?” Charles asked enjoying watching his wife’s face changed to a look of horror. “I can explain Charles, eh, Mr. Bridges…” Mike started. “After what we have been doing the past week we are past Mr. Bridges.” Charles chuckled. “Relax. I’m not angry. Let me guess what happened. You were jerking off to my wife. Maybe because she was sunbathing in the nude again knowing that you can see her. The FOSE happens and you two swap. And with Sarah being the manipulative bitch she is convinced you that it would be bad to tell anybody about it. Probably told you how angry I would be at you? So you agreed to play along and pretend to be Sarah while she enjoys being a carefree teenager again.” Charles said. Mike was stunned. That was pretty much exactly what had happened.


“She didn’t tell you that she hated me, did she? She was pressured by her family to marry me for the money. She performed her wifely duties. But she never loved me. And over time she grew to hate me. I knew something was up when you were kind to me. You were asking how my day was. You were cooking dinner…” Charles chuckled. “What do you want?” Mike asked. “I want to give you a choice. You can either report the swap and go back to your old life or we can keep up the pretense. You’ll be my loving wife. You’ll have access to my money and can have an easy life. And I’ll help you. And in five years you can file for divorce if you like. But you will sign any divorce papers I’ll hand you. I promise that I’ll give you enough money per month to live a nice life. If you do agree I have some suggestions for you to keep this swap our little secret.” Charles said.


“Like what?” Mike asked. “For one, my loving wife is having an affair with our gardener. She thinks I don’t know about it. But if you continue to ignore him he might suspect something. I suggest you keep sleeping with him for a few weeks and then break it off. But no blowjobs. You are a lot better at them than Sarah ever was. And if you are planning on cooking me some more dinners I urge you to take some cooking courses. Because unlike the bedroom you could certainly use some help there, sweetheart.”

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