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Just For Me

“You didn’t have to make yourself pretty just for me Jerry laughed as he saw his friend Tony when he came home from work. “Fuck you. This isn’t funny!” Tony said to him pissed off. “No, it isn’t. It is sexy though! I like the new way you dress.” Jerry continued to laugh. When Jerry found out that his friend Tony had slept with his girlfriend he decided to punish him with a few spells. The first spell turned him into a woman. And the second one was a curse that would turn the clothes he had on into lingerie if he tried to leave the house. Jerry laughed as he saw Tony who now knew about the additional curse he had put on him.

“Well, jokes on you! While you were at work I tried to get out of here wearing all of your clothes! Enjoy wearing that bra and panties!” Tony said. ” Small price to pay. You know, there is a way you could leave the house with your clothes still on.” Jerry teased. “How?” Tony asked, already suspecting the answer. “Have sex with me.” Jerry said. “l sleep with you…. and I can leave without my clothes turning into lingerie?” Tony asked. “Yeah…. well, for a day. Then you’ll have to have sex again.” Jerry explained laughing.

“So, I have to have sex with a guy. And I can leave the house for 24 hours?” Tony asked. “Yeah,” Jerry said smiling. “You’re an asshole,” Tony said. “That might be true. But I believe you will find that I am an asshole who is about to have a lot of sex.” Jerry laughed. He will be disappointed to find out he was wrong. While Tony did sleep with him the next morning, he found Tony gone by the time he got back from work. And he never returned.

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