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I Lost It!

“Fuck! I lost it!” Simon cursed after he realized the Medallion was gone. “There is no way I can find it now. Oh god… what am I going to do now?!” Simon asked himself when he stopped searching for the Medallion in the ocean.


Up until now Simon was enjoying his time in his daughters best friends body Ellie. When his daughter was about to head off onto her first spring break alone Simon wanted to make sure she would stay out of trouble. So he took a drastic measure. He used the Medallion of Zulu to switch bodies with her best friend and blackmailed her to stay silent about it. He was pleased to see how well his daughter was behaving on her spring break. They were half way through their holiday until Simon got ripped down by the large wave. Not only did it ripp off his bikini top, but even worse ripped off the Medallion. Simon kept looking for the Medallion the rest of the holiday while his daughter wondered why her friend cared so much about the medallion. But it was of no use. Simon would have to get used to the idea of being Ellie for the rest of his life. At least he was now closer to his daughter.

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