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“You want me to do the presentation? But I am not even part of that project.” Steven asked his boss over the phone. He did not mind holding a presentation. But it was weird for him to do it for a project he had not worked on yet. “It’s not a long presentation. Just make sure you’re wearing something nice. Karen was supposed to do it. But she is sick today. And you are much more qualified anyway.” his boss explained. “You mean I’ve got bigger tits? God damn it, do you know how insulting that is? How degrading? I’m more than just a pair of tits!” The year-long bodyswap study, Steven agreed to participate in, was an eye-opening experience for him. The study wanted to find out how people would react to a public swap in a work environment. Steven did not care about the study. He did it for the money. But after a few months inside Erica’s body, Steven was really starting to understand how much more difficult it was for a woman at work. “You’re sexy. And we really need this sale. So will you do it or not?” Steven’s boss asked. “Fine. I’ll do it. But once this is over we will be talking about a raise for me.” Steven said.


By the end of the year, Steven was looking forward to switching back. And he promised himself that he would be treating women very differently from now on. But Erica and the company had other plans. Erica loved being inside Steven’s body. She didn’t even mind being 8 years older. And the company was very pleased with both of their performances the past year. It took them quite a while to convince Steven. But in the end, he agreed to make the study a permanent one. And he quickly regretted that he got talked into doing it. The promotion the company gave him was just an excuse to have him have more one-on-one time with clients. And he was particularly angry when he found out that men in the company were earning 20% more for doing it. And they were not expected to dress up sexy!

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