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Only Women

Jack was quite shocked to find himself swapped into the body of his classmate Maria. Luckily only a minute passed before her phone rang from his number with Maria calling him from his body. And she explained what had happened. She had found a spellbook in the library. And she wanted to use a bodyswap spell with another classmate. Jackie. But she misspoke and had now swapped bodies with Jack. “So why do you want to swap with Jackie? She’s such a bitch.” Jack asked. “Cause after I would have been done with her she would have never dared to make fun of me again!” Maria said. “I get it. Swap into her. Do some bad stuff. Get her into trouble. Embarrass her. I can dig it. So why don’t you just do the spell again and swap us back and try it again?” Jack asked as he browsed through the spellbook. “I can’t. Only women can perform magic. You have to do it.” Maria said. “But I’m not a woman,” Jack answered. “Umm… have you looked down?” Maria laughed. “Oh… right. But I already read that one spell you told me to and it did not work.” Jack said. “Well I assume there is some counterspell you have to do to reverse this. There often is. I’m on my way over. Together we will have this solved in no time.” Maria explained.

Jack turned back to the page with the bodyswap spell to see if there was a counterspell. And on the next page, he found it. “I hope so. It’s quite weird in your body. But I can’t find a counterspell.” he lied as he silently ripped out the page and hid it. “We will find it. And please tell me you’re not touching my boobs right now Jack.” Maria said. “Hey! I’m a gentleman I’ll let you know! And I haven’t touched anything of yours!” he said as he ended the call. He continued to look through the spellbook. If only women could perform those spells he had no intention of swapping back. At least not yet. Not before he found a few spells to make his life a bit better. But all the spells he was interested in could only be performed on yourself. He had to decide if he wanted to have his body back. Or live the life of a beautiful, popular, and rich woman. It was really not a hard choice for Jack. He could not give up the power of the spellbook.

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