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Are You Sure You Want To Do This?

“Are you sure you want to do this? It is a bit extreme.” Sarah asked her boyfriend Luke. “It’s not much more extreme than anything we did before. And the machine has our profiles saved. We can always turn back. And you know I have a bimbo fetish. I just want to see what it is like to be an actual bimbo! Just for a few hours. Have some fun and turn back.” Luke explained and stepped into the MAU. They had found it two days ago. And they were having a lot of fun experimenting with it. They had turned themselves into various people and had a lot of sex. This was not the first time Luke was turning himself into a woman. But Sarah did think it was extreme. A few seconds later Luke stepped out of the machine in a copy of her body. A very sexed-up version of her body with a bimbo’s brain. “OMG. This is like soooo weird. Like totally like… I like can’t think of like… hard words.” Luke said. “OMG my boobies look so sexy!” he then giggled as he looked down. “I like need sex sooooo bad!” he then added. Sarah knew that was her cue. She thought of Luke’s body like he had described to her and left the machine a few seconds later.

“OMG, you look sooo hot!” Luke giggled and jumped up and down as he saw the new Sarah. A few seconds ago she had been annoyed by his bimbo speech and body. Now she felt quite different about it. “I am going to fuck your bimbo brains out.” She snickered to herself and felt her huge cock get hard. A few hours later Sarah was actually able to convince Luke to swap back. Only to find out that the MAU was no longer working. And while Sarah was devastated at first they were both not that upset in the long run. She had given herself a huge fetish for Luke’s new bimbo self. And Luke was mostly just upset he could not use the machine to give himself some bigger boobs.

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