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Selfless Selfishness

It only took the magic a mere second to wash over him. But Greg immediately knew that it had worked. That the real-life genie he had found really fulfilled his wish. And now Greg was finally able to seduce his sexy next-door neighbor. Although, he was a bit perplexed when he felt long hair hanging from his head. But he figured that lots of bodybuilders and male strippers had long hair, so it was going to be okay. What really made his heart beat fast was the feeling of weight coming from his chest. “Oh, man. Feels like I’ve got breast muscles that make Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson jealous, ha-ha”, Greg thought. After enjoying the feeling of his transformed body Greg finally opened his eyes. And gasped as he saw a busty woman staring back at him from the mirror: “What the hell is this?!”, he exclaimed in a seductive voice, “That’s not what I wished for!!”


“But it is”, the genie countered, “You wished to be able to seduce your neighbor. And I gave you a body that shell find irresistible.” Does….does that mean that she’s a….a lesbian?”, Greg asked in confusion, “But what about all these heavily muscled and tanned guys she brings home all the time?” “That’s merely a charade. Held up because she still doesn’t want to admit her true nature to herself”, the genie replied, “But look at it this way, Greg. Not only did your wish turn you into her perfect lover. It’s also going to help her stand to herself. So….your selfish wish does have a selfless aspect to it!” “Hmmm….l still don’t know….”, Greg mused as he kept staring at his new reflection. But then thoughts of his sexy neighbor came to his mind, And he felt his nipples grow hard and his panties get wet. And he started to smile, “Maybe it IS going to be okay!”

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