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Molly Is Here To Stay

21-year-old Mark was in his junior year at college, but he was faced with the very real possibility that he would have to give up his studies. He was heavily in debt and there was no one he could turn to who would lend him enough money to survive. He’d ramped up his hours at the diner but even if he went full time he was probably going to have to quit within the month. He confided in his friend Andrea who, after swearing him to secrecy, advised of a potential solution. She told Mark that a lot of girls, and boys who could pass for girls, with money troubles would hang around on Moon Street where they’d trade blow jobs for money. She told Mark he’d probably make quite a pretty girl if he was interested. Mark was shocked at the notion and said it wasn’t something he’d ever be able to do. However, when his credit card was refused and his boss advised he had to cut his hours, Mark realized he had no choice. Andrea lent Mark some clothes and makeup and, after a few evening’s instructions in walking and acting like a girl, Molly was born.

Fortified by vodka and desperation Mark dressed as Molly and accompanied Andrea to Moon Street. He’d just pleasured his first client, and Andrea asked how it went? Mark didn’t trust himself to speak with his mouth still being slightly full of sticky cum, so he just gave a thumbs up. It wasn’t so bad, certainly not as disgusting as Mark thought it’d be. By the time he and Andrea went home, he’d sucked over half a dozen cocks and made more money than he would in a month of shifts at the diner. Plus he was surprised to discover a natural talent for giving head. Thanks to Molly’s adventures on Moon Street Marks financial worries were soon a thing of the past, not that he gave up his new part-time job. Being Molly enabled him to quit the diner and spend more time studying plus, he soon realized, he quite liked being a cum hungry slut.

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