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Internal Security

“I just want to say again how thrilled I am to get this job!” said Luke Glover. “I’m sure you’ll be an asset to SwapGen Industries. Now just to introduce you to a few people. This is Cassandra, one of our executive assistants… Is everything ok, Cassie? You look troubled?” “Oh hi, Mr. Lewis.” Said the sultry secretary. “I’m just a little off-color. I’ve had trouble sleeping again the last few days.” “Those bad dreams again?” asked Mr. Lewis. “Yes, seems silly really but they do bother me. I’ve scheduled an appointment with the company doctor for this afternoon. I always feel better after a session with him.” “Good to hear it, Cassie. I’m sure you’ll feel better soon. This is Luke, by the way, Luke’s taking over as lead programmer on the ExcelSyn Project.”


After they left the room Mr. Lewis said, “It’s ok, Luke, you can drool, Cassie’s very beautiful.” “My god she’s amazing. I’m surprised anyone ever leaves with women like that working here.” Mr. Lewis laughed. “I’m afraid she’s off-limits to your pay grade Luke, strictly executives only.” “She… she’s a…” “Oh yes, our executive assistants are incredibly loyal, and will do anything for senior management, in the office or in the bedroom.” “Wow.”

“Indeed. Quite an incentive to climb the career ladder. Now there is one more thing. Our inventions are worth millions, and we’ve had problems with industrial espionage. Just to make it clear, if you were at all tempted, we deal with such matters internally. SwapGen doesn’t involve the police and our methods are somewhat extreme. In fact, your predecessor tried to smuggle details of the ExcelSyn Project to a competitor. Don’t look so pale, we didn’t kill him or anything, he’s alive and well, in fact, he’s still working for the company, just in a very different capacity. Suffice to say he’s a model employee now. Very loyal. Would do anything for senior management!”

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