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What’s the matter?

“What’s the matter, Dave? Don’t you find me attractive anymore?” Todd asked Dave concerned “No! Just… give me a minute here!” Dave said as he desperately rubbed his cock to try and get it hard. “l must be tired or something… it just… won’t wake up!” Dave said. “Well, that is quite common I hear. It might be because you’re tired. Or because I finally found out the password for the computer.” Todd said as he leaned back smiling. “What the hell did you do?!” Todd wondered. “Nothing much. Got rid of some of the mental changes you did to me with that Software. I’m not an airhead bimbo anymore that just craves your cock all day. And you… well, you’re very horny. In fact, you are just as horny as you made me be these past few days. But your cock is broken. It will never get hard again. Not even with some blue pills.” Dave laughed.

“I’m sorry Dave! I’ll change you back! I swear! Just let me use the MasterPC to fix my dick!” Todd said. “Why would I do that? I have access to the MasterPC now. And I actually like being a woman. I just didn’t like being your slave. And I never will have to be again now. You never even used the Software to it’s full potential. You gave yourself a large dick and turned me into a horny woman. Who needs a large dick if you can just be a hot lesbian. And I changed every hot chick I know into a lesbian who is very curious to sleep with me. I will be quite happy like this. You on the other hand… I will make you a deal. I will give you your… stiffness back. If you are a woman for a while. Once you’ve slept with… a hundred guys I’ll turn you back. And you can’t charge money for it! And don’t worry. I won’t turn you into a bimbo slut. That would be far to easy.” Todd laughed.

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