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Model Employee

“Why do you need me to undo your wish? Why don’t you just wish yourself back to normal?” Marcus asked his friend Owen who was now a woman thanks to a wish gone wrong. “Because that weird coin just grants everybody one wish. I need you to fix this for me.” Owen explained. “Wait a minute. You want me to waste my only wish on you? To fix a mistake you made?” Marcus asked. “You’re shitting me, right? I’m a chick! I’m your best friend and I’m asking for your help here! Now just wish me back to normal!” Owen demanded. “l don’t think so. I kinda like the idea of you being a hot chick. Now what to wish for that could not be misread like your wish… Oh, I’ve got it! I wish I had 100 billion dollars in my bank account!” Marcus wished holding the coin as it started to glow. “l can not believe you just did that! I’m stuck as this chick! How could you do this to me?!” Owen cried. “Hey, too good an opportunity to resist. But don’t worry babe. I’ll look after you. Why don’t we go into town and you can buy yourself something pretty.” Marcus laughed. Owen ran out of his friend’s apartment crying.

He could not believe he did this to him. He could not believe he was stuck as a woman. When he wished to wake up every morning with a young and beautiful woman in bed he did not want to be the woman. Naturally, he was quite shocked to wake up the next morning as a woman on the other side of the city. And now it looked like he was going to do that for the rest of his life. Or at least so he thought. The next morning when he woke up he realized the full extent of his wish. He was now in a different woman’s body. In a different city even! After a few days of waking up in different women’s bodies all over the world, he realized he would be probably waking up as a different woman forever. He wished he could just stay in one single body. Even if it was that of a woman. But he still knew he had it better than his former friend Marcus. While he did have 100 billion dollars in his bank account it turned out the money was not his but was mysteriously stolen from various other accounts. Marcus had a hard time convincing the jury that he was innocent and not the world’s biggest thief.

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