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Harold and the Surprising Spell

Transfiguration was never Harold’s favorite subject at Hogwarts. Not that he found it difficult just that turning rats into cats and cups into teapots was rather boring. He kept pushing to try more advanced transformations like turning a person into an animal or even an object. Of course, Professor McGonagall would have none of it, sternly reminding him that those kinds of spells were strictly against the rules not to mention extremely difficult to master. It seemed ridiculous to Harold, in just a few months he would be graduating and he’d be free to do whatever magic he wanted, it seemed silly to be bound by the school’s archaic rules. One day as he was leafing through a dog-eared copy of Janus Mungo’s On the mutability of form he came across a scrap of parchment with a handwritten spell on it. The spell’s incantation was long and complex and the accompanying wand gestures seemed to require a great deal of precision but Harold was confident he would be able to handle it. What was most puzzlingly was that there was no description of the spells effect just a note saying “Wow amazing have to try this”. Clearly, the only way Harold was going to learn what the spell did was by mastering it himself.

He spent all his free time for the next week studying the spell, learning the correct pronunciations for the incantation, and practicing the wand gestures until he felt confident enough to try it. He found himself in an empty corner of the castle and gathered his concentration. Trying to control his nervousness he spoke the incantation trying to sound clear and confident the way he had been taught. His wand traced a complex sigil in the air and then…. nothing, not so much as a spark. Again he tried and again he failed. Five, ten, twenty more attempts with no results. With a frustrated growl kicked at a loose stone annoyed at himself for wasting so much time on what was clearly just some sort of prank. He rechecked his notes for the hundredth time then went through the motions of the spell not expecting anything to happen but as he completed his incantation this time he was startled by a sudden surge of magical energy. Pink sparks flew from the end of his wand and his robes billowed as if blown by an invisible wind. Harold gasped as he felt his body change, his flesh shifting and flowing, shrinking in some places and expanding in others. His coppery hair grew down past his shoulders as he lost several inches in height. He adjusted his stance as his center of gravity shifted and his suddenly wider hips reconfigured themselves. He watched as two unmistakably female mounds grew on his chest and groaned in a high feminine voice as he felt the last trace of his masculinity vanish from between his legs. The transformation was finally over he hurriedly shrugged off his now baggy robes to look down at his new body his eyes confirming what his other senses were already telling him, he was a girl!

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