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You Need To Stop Drinking So Much

“Oh, my head…” I was awoken in the morning by the sound of my phone, it was the sound of hundreds and hundreds of notifications. I had such a terrible hangover, I didn’t even remember the party last night. Slowly I started gaining consciousness, picked up my phone and opened up my Facebook. At first, I was confused. “Why is my new profile pic a photo of some hot chich dressed in some sort of naughty nun outfit?”

But then I read some comments, and saw a few more pictures… A beautiful girl with black lipstick and matching makeup around her eyes… Was it… Was it me? And then I realized, my nails were black! I quickly stood up from the bed. Turned out I was in my girlfriend’s bedroom. How did I get here? God, I didn’t remember anything. I went to the full body mirror and my worst fears were confirmed. I saw myself in a black and white sexy nun uniform, with a pair of black wings on my back and my face all made up. I kept looking at my reflection trying to remember what had happened.

“Hello beautiful, are you admiring yourself?”. My girlfriend, Amber, said as she came in wearing her PJ. “Babe, what happened? Why was I dressed like a sexy nun at the party last night? Why am I still dressed like this?”. “Oh, I wanted you to see how beautiful you looked, so I didn’t undo your costume. I knew you wouldn’t remember anything, you drank a lot last night, but maybe these other pictures will help you remember”. She started showing me the photos on her phone. “Okay, I remember that, we were drinking here at your house before leaving, then we went to Courtney’s house… and…”. “And you kept drinking,” said Amber while skipping a few pics.

“Courtney and I were going to dress up as sex demons, for the party and we had to put on our costumes, and do our makeup, and be all pretty”. “So you did this to me”. “Of course we did, you couldn’t put makeup on yourself if your life depended on it, especially not while being as drunk as you were. Seriously, babe, you need to stop drinking so much. Let this be a lesson. Anyway, so we were putting on our costumes when you came into the room saying that you had no costume and needed one, so we delivered,” Amber giggled and continued showing me the photos, and these ones were the worst.

“So here we are helping you shave your body, I won’t miss your hairy legs. Here I was painting your nails. Aww, here you are putting on the panties and stockings”. I hadn’t even noticed that I was wearing women’s underwear. She continued showing me the photos and kept laughing the whole time. “Here you are with the costume while we did your makeup, you moved a lot honey, but we managed to make you look beautiful. The wig, the wings. Oh, a bunch of you posing for the camera. You actually seemed to be enjoying yourself. Oh and this one is my favorite!”. It was a picture of both of us, already dressed, kissing. I was shocked, these photos were even worst than what was already online.

“You didn’t publish these photos, did you?”. “No, not yet”. She giggled. “Babe, please don’t”. “Don’t worry honey, as long as you do what I say I won’t upload these pics”. “Hey, that’s not fair”. She then approached me and whispered to my ear: “I will make it worth it for you”. And then she kissed me with passion. “Well, when you put it that way…” “Fantastic! So to start I’m going to redo your makeup. And then we will look for something else for you to wear” She giggled, it was clear she was into this.

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