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Try Before You Buy

It took years, but 41-year-old Paul finally found a gender swap spell that worked. It wasn’t perfect because the transition was random, but at least there was a get-out because once you uttered the first incantation and were tossed into a female body, the spell would reverse within 24 hours unless you uttered a second invocation.

This was just as well as the first two times Paul tried the spell it didn’t go well. He had no desire to be a 5-year-old girl or a 60-year-old woman, but third time lucky and the spell has now placed him in the body of Donna Smith.

According to her driver’s license, Donna is 29, and judging by her high heels and short skirt she hopefully has a house full of slutty clothes that Paul can’t wait to try on, so after working out her address he’s hurried there to make full use of the next 24 hours.

Judging by the ring on her finger Donna’s also married. Paul hopes Donna’s husband will make an appearance because this body is making him really horny!

Paul isn’t sure he wants to remain as Donna, but who knows, after 24 hours prancing around in her saucy undies and (fingers crossed) being fucked senseless by her husband he might change his mind and utter the second incantation after all.

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