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Queen of Beauty

Vanessa loved dressing up and looking sexy, she couldn’t wait until her breasts grew in to complete her look. Up until two weeks ago Vanessa was Chris and he was a strong football player, then he caught the TG Virus while on spring break in Florida. Chris rapidly lost all the muscles that he had worked so hard for over the past four years and went from an imposing 6’3″ to 5’4″.

The virus affects each person differently and one of the first things to change was his personality. He went from being one of the jocks to checking out the jocks. Chris thought that he was turning gay until he woke up one morning and found that he had started to shrink. His mom took him to the doctor and he told them that Chris had come down with the TG Virus. Chris was told that he had another week and a half left before the changes would be complete.

Monday is the last day of the week and a half and Vanessa admired her body in the mirror, she had turned out to be so beautiful, and she could see that her nipples were starting to expand. She smiled and got dressed in her favorite around-the-house clothes. She loved the way her skimpy dress was riding up her round ass and rubbed her budding breasts, causing them to send sparks of pleasure through her body.

She sat down on the couch and saw her friend Jamie come in. “Hi Jamie, today is the day,” Jamie came over and hugged her.” “You’re going to love having boobs,” Jamie said. “I was so happy when mine grew in last week.”

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