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The Breakdown

Brian didn’t know what he was going to do. He knew it was risky, going out driving dressed as his femme alter ego Bethany, but he enjoyed it so much, it almost felt like he was a real woman making her way through the world. His car was old though, and he didn’t take enough care of it. When Brian bumped against the curb and his tire burst he thought he’d use the spare, only the spare was completely flat and he had forgotten his air pump at home.

Miles from home, dressed as a woman and with no signal for his phone Brian is left with only two options. He can try and walk home, which will take hours, or he can walk to the main road and try and hitch. But what if a man stops who guess Bethany isn’t really a girl and makes fun of her? Or worse, a woman, alone in a car with a strange man, what if he tries to take advantage?

Actually, it’s always been one of Brian’s fantasies for Bethany to find herself at the mercy of some sex-starved guy. Of course, it might not be some hunk, it might be some overweight middle-aged guy, but a damsel in distress can’t be choosy, and if giving some sweaty guy a blow job is the price of getting home, then Bethany will just have to cowgirl up and start sucking. As he sets out Brian thinks he’ll almost be disappointed now if Bethany doesn’t end up ravaged in the back seat of a car!

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