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Out-of-Body Experience

Rylee and Wade were known as the ‘burnouts’ at their highschool. Mostly because they couldn’t seem to get through the long arduous day of student life without a little pick-me-up that they got from their high school dropout ‘friend’ and local weed dealer. However, this friend of theirs had just gotten their hands on something much more hardcore, supposedly something that would literally give you an out-of-body experience like no other! Of course, the two students just had to try the stuff, but “White Swap” seemed to go for a price way more than either of them could afford. Fortunately, though, Rylee and Wade were able to cut a deal with their dealer and cut any price in half so long as they kept up their end of the bargain…

“You want me… to… to take my panties off?” Rylee asked from inside his own step-sister’s body, as she slowly hooked her thumbs into her panties and began pushing them down. When Wade who was currently inhabiting their own Algebra teacher’s body got his first view of Rylee’s pussy he licked his lips. Both friends kissed as if they were a couple of passionate lovers for the camera currently filming right in front of them. Both actually getting really into it now with the voyeur watching them go down on one another. It was honestly a win-win situation for everyone there, as Rylee got to fuck a hot woman while getting back at his bitch of a step-sister. Wade got to experience a woman’s body first hand and made sure to change Rylee’s and his grades for the better at school, while their dealer sold the footage they made for top dollar. Quickly expanding his empire out in the small town they all lived in, and thankfully for him, this wouldn’t be the last deal Rylee and Wade made in order to get their hands on the new drug.

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