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Charity Event

Joan wasn’t prepared for this, none of it. She had come to pick her boyfriend Derrick up from his make-over at the salon/spa where she dropped him early this morning. It was the least she could do since she was the one who volunteered him for this charity event. Derrick being the nice guy and good sport that he was went along with it all. It was after all for a good cause. The official contest would take place tomorrow at the civic center. Joan didn’t know that two of the best salons in town had donated their services to do the makeovers until she dropped him off at the best salon in town this morning. She wondered all day how he would turn out. She wasn’t expecting this.

Derrick gave her a look and kind of posed as she walked up and Joan had another surprise, she felt herself getting aroused. She said. Derrick? OMG, what did they do to you? He smiled and said what didn’t they do? Oh and call me Debra while I’m like this, please. It’ll help me stay in character I’ll get 5,000.00 bucks from the salon if I win this thing. I’ll have to let them use my before and after pictures but who cares. On the way home Derrick confessed that it’s a good thing they provided a gaff along with the clothes and lingerie cause he’s been turned on since he saw himself. He said I understand now why you like to look pretty, it’s a rush. Joan made her own confession that seeing him like this has made her hot too. They barely got in the door before they were all over each other. They didn’t fall asleep until just before sunrise. They both were hooked. Debra didn’t win but placed third. They were glad since she didn’t want her picture used in an advertisement. She intends to be Debra a lot now.

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