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Christmas Dinner

“Are you going to wear that to our Christmas dinner?” Emma asked her son Tom who was busy putting the presents under Christmas tree. “I wanted to make myself look nice.” Tom said. “You look like a whore.” Emma snapped back. “If it makes you feel better I can put on some pants.” Tom sighed. “No. If you want to look like a whore you should!” Emma said as she then stormed out of the room.


Tom sighed again. He knew it would be a shock for his parents to find out he was now a woman. But he did think that they would be more accepting of it. He had come home for the Christmas holidays from college. And it was the first time his partents found out about it. In retrospect Tom figured he should have told them sooner and prepared them. But he did not think he would be getting this kind of hate. Especially from his mother. It was not like he had planned this.


The bodyswap study was supposed to be only for one month. He and Jenny both did not think that they would fall in love with being inside each others bodies. And now after month three Tom knew he had made the right call to agree with Jenny to stay switched. He loved being a woman. He just wished his family was more understanding. At least he knew that the people from the study would find the response from his parents fascinating.

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